Start-up Doc

In order to enhance the learning experience it's important that you as an individual and as a group think about your personal and group ambitions and think about strategies to achieve them. We will be using the Deming Cycle as a tool and add reflection to it. So at the start of the course you will think about planning and doing, halfway you will think about checking and acting and at the end of the course you will you will reflect on your personal and group development.

Start-up phase:

  • What is the groups ambition with respect to:
    • group development;
    • business development;
    • entrepreneurial skills
    • economic, social and environmental impact of your business?
  • What is the ambition for each of the group members with respect to personal development goals?
  • What role does each group member foresee for herself/himself within the group?
  • What will you do to achieve those goals
Mid term review:

  • Have you achieved your goals?
  • Why? Why not?
  • How will you adjust your strategy and action to achieve your goals?
Reflection report:
  • Write a group reflection report using the Deming Cycle 
  • State:
    • What you have learned
    • What goal you have achieved and how
    • What you would do differently/similar the next time you stand for a similar challenge