GE Student Manual

Doc: Global Entrepreneurship Student Manual ‎(2014)‎

Required study materials:

Most study materials and papers are provided on-line and are free of charge. You need the following materials for the course:
Book cover

Global Marketing, 7/E (or older)
Warren J. Keegan
Mark Green
ISBN-10: 0132719150 • ISBN-13: 9780132719155
©2013 • Prentice Hall • Paper, 592 pp
Published 01/20/2012 • In stock

Business Model Generation, 1/E
Alexander Osterwalder
Yves Peigner
ISBN-10: 9780470876411 ISBN-13: 978-0470876411
©2010 • John Wiley and Sons Ltd • Paper, 288 pp
Published August 2010 • In stock

These books serve as reference material. You can buy used versions of the books on-line for around €45,-