Requirements for Final Examination GE II

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From Student Manual:

January 16th, 2013 @ 09.00 hrs, hand in written report GE 2 (PDF by e-mail to lecturer)
January 30th (13.00 - 17.00) and 31st (09.00 - 13.00) (Changed from 23rd and 25th), 2013, pitches and examination GE 2

At the end of each term you will write a (business) plan and pitch it for a forum of experts and investors. The (business) plan will be judged on:
  • innovation;
    • originality
    • use of technology
    • ingenuity
  • illustration;
    • substantiation
    • examples
    • written report and pitch
  • impact:
    • scalability
    • sustainability
    • social impact
    • return on investment
  • implementation (second term)
    • will you pull it off
    • would essential partners participate

Furthermore you will be individually questioned about the content of your report and pitch, your participation in the assignment and your knowledge of the theory and models used in the course and the assignment. You will pass the courses when:

  • (individual) you have contributed duly to the group effort;
  • (individual) you master the used theories and models;
  • (group effort) the report and the pitch meet the stipulated requirements;
  • (group effort) the judges consider contributing to your business.

Additional information:

Topics that should be addressed in the Business Plan:

  • Pitch
  • Why is your business so important
    • Mission/vision
    • Making meaning
  • Who’s lives are you going to touch
    • Your customers
    • Their problem
    • Your solution to that problem
    • Can you jump to the next curve
  • How successful will you be
    • Opportunities and threats
    • Market attractiveness
    • Customer Value
    • Purchasing power and enabling mechanisms
    • Competitors and alternatives
  • What are the major obstacles to achieve success
    • Cultural challenges
    • Institutional challenges
    • Logistical challenges
    • Business challenges
  • How are you going to organise yourselves
    • Strength and Weaknesses of the team
    • Supply chain (make or buy decisions)
    • People and partnerships (who does what)
  • How (and when) will you make your first million ($ or €)
    • Business model
    • Milestones
    • Sales forecast
    • Investments and cash flow
    • Fixed costs
    • Variable costs
    • Margins
  • How will you get going
    • prototyping and trail marketing
    • when can you sell
    • step by step
      • distribution, 
      • marketing, 
      • sales and
      • service

The financial appendix of the businessplan should contain at least the following:
  • Detailed cost price calculation
  • Investment plan (asset side) and finance plan (liabilitiy side)
  • Valuation and ROI for entrepreneurs and investors
  • Profit and loss statement
    • at least 5 year forecast,
    • first two years quaterly statements
    • specify management cost
    • specify marketing costs
    • specify product development costs
    • specify taxes and levys
  • Cash flow forecast
    • including cumulative cash flow and cashflow for investors
  • Balance sheets
    • pre- an post investment
    • yearly only