Course Design Global Entrepreneurship I

posted 6 Nov 2011, 13:13 by Nils   [ updated 2 Sept 2012, 11:46 ]
Minor: International Business for Emerging Markets 
Course: Global Entrepreneurship I

 Goals: If you pass this course you can, on an elementary level:
  • identify and analyze customer needs and desires for new products, both domestically and overseas
  • translate customer needs and desires into possible products and services
  • assess and substantiate market potential of new products and services
  • write a plan for the introduction of new products and services
  • calculate costs and benefits for a new product / service introduction
  • develop a partner and competitors strategy
 Content: During the course covered the following disciplines:
  • Knowledge:
    • Understanding customer value
    • Develop new products and services (conceptual)
    • Market research for new products and services
    • Business planning and business modeling
    • Valuation and Financing
    • Competitive Analysis and Partnership Development
  • Skills:
    • Independently identify and exploit opportunities and identify and solve problems
    • Think big and think from the customer / partner perspective
    • Focus on customer value
    • Cooperation within a group
    • Alternate problem-focused and solution-oriented thinking and acting
    • In collaboration develop simple solutions for complex problems
    • Efficient use of time and resources, distinguish between major and minor issues
  • Attitude
    • independent and entrepreneurial
    • focussed
    • critically curious
    • innovative
One lecture (2 hours) and one tutorial (three hours) per week during seven weeks

At the end of the term you will write a (business) plan and pitch it for two lecturers. The (business) plan will be judged on:
  • innovation;
    • originality
    • use of technology
    • ingenuity
  • illustration;
    • substantiation
    • examples
    • written report and pitch
  • impact:
    • scalability
    • sustainability
    • social impact
    • return on investment
  • implementation (second term)
    • will you pull it off
    • would essential partners participate

Furthermore you will be individually questioned about the content of tour report and pitch, your participation in the assignment and your knowledge of the theory and models used in the course and the assignment. You will pass the courses when:

  • (individual) you have contributed duly to the group effort;
  • (individual) you master the used theories and models;
  • (individual) you participated in class activities
  • (group effort) the report and the pitch meet the stipulated requirements;
  • (group effort) the judges consider contributing to your business.
  • 50% of your grade will be related to your individual efforts (must be sufficient):
    • 20% contribution to group effort (must be sufficient)
    • 20% mastering theory and models (must be sufficient)
    • 10% participation in class activities
  • 50% of your grade wil be related to your group efforts
    • 25% report (must be sufficient)
    • 25% pitch and challenge (must be sufficient)