Week 1.6

basic financials

ideate 1

  • Basic Financials:

    • Basic Financials

    • Revenues, margins and EBITDA

    • Risk Management

    • Economics for Emerging Markets

  • Design Thinking:
    • Ideate
  • Create:

    • fourth business model canvas

      • cost structure

  • Present:

    • your list of ideas that might provide a solution to the defined problem

    • the idea you plan to pursue

    • the big idea behind your idea


Quick Links:

Preparation before class:

  • Study the MOOC Modules on:
    • Basic Financials (Make sure you understand the purpose of the Narrative)
    • Revenues, margins and EBITDA
    • Risk Management
    • Design Thinking
  • Update Business Model Canvas, focus on:
    • costs, costs structure and service model
  • Update Value Proposition Canvas
  • Start on Narrative (business design template)
  • Look into Financial Statements and Financial Ratios
  • Look Into Risk Management and analyse major risks for your enterprise (business design template)
  • Look into Economics for Emerging Markets,   
  • Again contact 20 people you don't know and ask for information or feedback

Assignments before class:

Group assignments:

For class:
Prepare a 5 minute presentation on:
results of Ideate phase

For feedback session:
who have you contacted, what have you asked
present improvements on BMC, VPC and Business Design Template
present your achievements on your Narrative
present your opinion of the economic environment in which you operate
present your risk analysis

Start Program: 09.30 hrs
End Program: 16.30 hrs