Week 1.5

business model canvas


  • Traditional Strategic Analysis
  • Advanced Business Model Canvas:
    • More Business Model Canvas (Blank)
    • Customer Analysis
    • Service Model and Revenue model
    • Advanced Value Proposition
    • Pricing Strategies
  • Design Thinking:
    • Define
  • third business model canvas
    • key partners
    • key activities
    • revenue streams
  • the problem you want to solve
  • design criteria for new product or service

Quick links:

Preparation before class:

  • Study the MOOC Modules on:
    • Strategic Analyses (study lightly)
    • More Business Model Canvas (study intensively, especially lectures by Steve Blank)
  • Update Business Model Canvas, focus on:
    • key partners
    • key activities
    • revenue streams
  • Update Value Proposition Canvas, focus on:
    • customer experience
    • features
    • benefits
  • Investigate strength and weaknesses, opportunities and threats for your business
  • Again contact 20 people you don't know and ask for information or feedback
  • Analyse enabling mechanisms* that allow your customers to pay for your products
  • Analyse possibilities to create Value Innovation (Blue Ocean) by looking at delivery model and customer benefits
  • Analyse possibilities to innovate on your service model
*enabling mechanisms refer to methods of quantifying customer value in such a way that that the customes "saves" costs by investing in your product or service. When done right you could calculate the earn back time of the investment.

Assignments before class:

Group assignments:

For class:
  • Prepare a 5 minute presentation on:
    • the problem you want to solve
    • design criteria for new product or service
For feedback session:
  • present improvements on BMC, VPC and Business Design Template
  • present SWOT
  • present Value Innovation
  • present enabling mechanisms
  • present service model and revenue model
  • elaborate on problem you want to solve and design criteria

Start Program: 09.30 hrs
End Program: 16.30 Hrs